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About Me


Many of you know me as an actor or a model, but I'm also an entrepreneur. Now I can add podcaster to my resume.

Yogiventure began from me combining my love of hiking and being outside in nature with the philosophies of yoga. The quiet times in the natural environment, forced my mind to wander – to explore my thoughts. Yoga and hiking equaled a mindfulness session for me. 

I became a certified yoga teacher at Kripalu School of Yoga and Health a few years ago. I lead yoga adventures. I met many interesting people, but the best discovery was what I learned about myself. I found I enjoyed taking people, mainly women, out on hikes. We would discuss all kinds of things on our excursions. Many of them would share how peaceful they felt after experiencing a Yogiventure. 


I started this podcast because I wanted to share a few inspirational stories based on people I have met or who have influenced my life. Life can get really hard sometimes, but if you hear someones story of “breaking free,” or getting past a failure, it helps to know you are not alone.   I want to share a few of my antidotes for living a positive life with the hopes to inspire you. 


Life is marvelous and exciting – let’s explore it! Your Yogiventure is waiting!